What is it and how it can help?

Hello, it is very important if you feel bad with yours lifes choices, you need own CHANGES. I think that you sincerely deserve respect for OWN personal AREAS, INITIATIVES and wish to change yours dissatisfaction. We all grow and we change. Someone confesses it. Some choose to use alkohol, sedatives, gambling instead to look problems.

Psychotherapy, thanks to self-awareness and self-acceptance, consequently creates a change in the life of an individual, when we begin to live consciously choosing.

I believe that people are by their nature good and that everyone can help themselves to solve the grief, bad mood, lack, or retention of control, negative feelings, self-defeating thoughts and behavior through therapy, thus learning how to function so that we are satisfied with ourselves.

Stigmatization = “stigmatization” = finger-pointing, which follows mental disorders, arises from ignorance, sadness, fear … I think we should try to understand “such.” I consider that to those who feel frightened, rejected, marked for diagnosis, I take my hand to feel that staying with them in a psycho-therapeutic understanding / sense, is acceptable. Not terrible. We all need to accept ourselves, the way we are.

-That is as long as you need it, it aims to qualify a person for independent life as soon as possible and to make it comfortable in “own skin”.

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