Field of theraphy

Here and now only:

DISEASES: ALCOHOL, GAMBLING, SEX. And what do these people find?

COMORBIDET- means two or more forms of functioning that a person is deprived of what he or she wants. For example. alcoholism and personal adaptation, alcoholism and dependence on tablets, addiction and psychosis.

It is not for working now:

– Paranoia
– Shizofrenia
– Personal adaptation
– Obsessive-compulsive disorder
– Depression
– Bipolar disorder
– Working syndrome -“burnout”

Additional topics for work:

– Why do we repeat our own wrong choices
– Trauma
– Missing of the middle age
– Stress
– Mobing
– Loss of a loved one / Divorce of marriage
– How with feelings to be elder and alone
– Death-as a personal fear, as part of life, as a loss
– Pets Can Help?

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