About me

Dr Dragana D. Zoric, MD, PhD, specialization in neuropsychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She received her doctorate in 2005 at Faculty of medicine in Kragujevac. 2018 passed the Course Nasjonal Fag. Author and co-author of professional publications.

She worked at the hospital, in the home of health, in special private hospitals: Special Hospital for Addiction and Other Psychiatric Diseases, and Special Hospital for the Treatment of Drug Addiction “Dr Vorobev”. Volunteered as a therapist and therapist in group work in nutritional disorders, partner problems, addiction diseases and support to the family of addicts in abstinence.

In 2016, she graduated Gestalt Psychotherapy, under an agreement in the Transactional Analysis with EATA, she will take CTA exam, listening to the basics of family therapy. Completed an accredited program against partner violence: Alternativ mot vold. He is a member of SGPT, EAGT and NGF.

Therapeutic methods: gestalt, transactional analysis, family systemic.

The area of work is the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, behavioral disorders and behavioral disorders caused by the use of psychoactive substances, applied through: individual, group, partner and family therapy, support to the family in all circumstances.